Malvern Vapour Blasting

What is Vapour Blasting?

A unique process that uses water and a fine glass bead media to clean/polish the surface of old components.
Aging aluminum can be carefully blasted removing years of oxidation and crud from the porous material. Revealing the original finish left by the manufacture.
Vapour blasting offers a safe process for blasting thin steel components where no heat is generated during cleaning. So no risk of heat distortion during cleaning.
Vapour blasting offers ideal cleaning and surface preparation of small components prior to being electroplated or anodising.

Process steps

  1. Parts stripped down 
  2. Parts degreased and removal of any heavy deposits
  3. Areas that don’t require cleaning or blasting are masked up. Blanking bungs used to block off oil galleries
  4. Components are then Vapour blasted by our experienced team
  5. Parts rinsed and inspected. Further blasting carried out if required.
  6. Final rinse with water and blown off with air.

All parts that have been vapour blasted can then be ceramic coated using our clearcoat cerakote to protect them for life from the elements thrown at all parts. This is an extra charge so please get in touch for more info on our ceramic clear coating. 

All items that have been blasted will require thorough cleaning to remove any media left over from blasting. Especially engine components and carburettors. Items are rinsed and blown off with air after being blasted by ourselves and this is done thoroughly BUT we recommend you do this aswell. 

We are not responsible for any damages to engines once you have assembled them. We have a waiver that needs to be signed before we vapour blast any engine components. All items as always, will not leave us unless our experienced team are happy so we guarantee the best factory finish possible. 

Vapour blasting is charged out at an hourly rate of £35 per hour. All parts must be stripped of bearings/seals before arrival. We can do this but this will an added charge.